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A forum for married couples to grow in covenant relationship by guidance and direction through God’s Word.


Our Mission: To celebrate marriage! To encourage, strengthen and empower one another. To increase understanding, intimacy, and fulfillment in our marriages through fellowship and the study of God's Word and His Purpose for marriage (a covenant blueprint to remain "One Flesh"). To provide an environment (a "safe haven") where couples can freely and openly share their joys, struggles and victories. "What happens in Couples . . . stays in Couples"!


As our families are challenged with the loss of jobs, stressful jobs, finance issues, children, church, health issues and more, it is important that married couples reconnect. As the foundation of God’s church and our families, we are fully committed to celebrating our marriages as we work towards fulfilling God’s purpose for our marriages.

If you are interested in hearing more information or if you have ideas or suggestions for future events, please send us an email at

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       Englewood, NJ 07631
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